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How do I create an order?

Step 1. Registration

The site has the option to register. After registration, the user receives a password on the mail, which later can be changed in the personal account.

However, it is worth noting that registration is optional and the User can make an exchange without additional actions.

Step 2. Direction of exchange

Choose the direction of exchange (for example: in the "Send" column - BTC (bitcoin), in the "Receive" column - SBERRUB (sberbank - rubles) and specify the amount you want to exchange or receive.

Step 3. Filling out an order

For the operation of exchanging crypto currency for a bank card, you need to fill in the following fields:

1. Account number

2. Name of the recipient

3. E-mail (filled automatically for registered users)

4. Read and accept the Terms of Service

For the transaction of buying a crypto currency from a bank card, the following fields should be filled:

1. Your crypto-currency wallet

2. E-mail (filled automatically for registered users)

3. Read and accept the Terms of Service

Step 4. Translation

After making a transfer, you need to confirm the transaction, and inform the operator by clicking on the "I paid" button.

Step 5. Waiting for the execution of the order

After sending the transfer in the personal account, an application with the status of waiting for execution is formed. Once the status of the application goes into the completed one, you can check your account.

How long does the application process?

The exchange is made by the operator in manual mode after 2 confirmations in the Bitcoin network and 10 confirmations in the Ethereum network and takes 5 to 20 minutes after receipt of payment on the order and depending on the load of our operators.

On average, waiting time can last from 30 minutes to 6 hours, but it is also possible to wait longer.